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The inkjet printer consumption is not a one-time consumption, once the user purchases the inkjet printer

by:Arojet     2021-07-30
The consumption of the inkjet printer is not a one-time consumption. Once the user purchases the inkjet printer, he must purchase related consumables. The consumables of the inkjet printer generally include ink, concentrate and detergent. What is even more exaggerated is that our Chinese company only needs to install a phone in the United States and register its name once, so that the goods that are clearly consumed in China can be built in the United States. And we all know that the inkjet printer is a facility that is used on the clear flow line when users are creating goods. Once this facility is broken, it will reflect the entire consumption line and eventually cause users to helplessly deform the goods.

Is there any remaining pressure to hold the ink to the nozzle? But none of the foreign inkjet printers have edible ink and concentrates. When inkjet printer manufacturers are selling inkjet printers, they will normally emphasize the need to use their own consumables. Once users ask whether to use ink from other inkjet printers on the market, they will be fooled by other ink and concentrate The agent is not equipped, and threatens to refuse the need for after-sales service.

The recovery sensor only detects whether ink can pass through the recovery tube. Regarding the user's needs to have the remaining understanding and protection of the inkjet printer, which inkjet printer consumer has its own set of protection and maintenance requirements. Such enterprises have never stated the place of origin or export of consumption on the goods.

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