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The inkjet CTP: green plate into the future the main developing direction of the printing, CTP plate making _ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-05-06
On November 27) : 2010; 28, 2010, the Chinese printing and packaging conference was held in Beijing. At the conference, Dr Yan-lin song, director of the institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, new materials laboratory for everybody contributed the theme of 'printing technology development and the future outlook of the wonderful speech. In his speech, Dr. Song high-profile nanometer green plate-making technology is discussed, from the audience, this paper explores the enlightenment. Fine, now it may be green plate-making technology time in such an important event in printing and packaging industry. Inkjet CTP reproduce jianghu nano green plate-making technology since the date of birth, is in focus. In addition to the key position in the domestic many mainstream media has appeared, also successfully in Beijing exhibit at the expo, become the expo exhibition printing only fruit, make enough eyeballs industry attention. However, such a high-profile technology are calm, but in many media industry for a long time, has been covered with mysterious veil. What is a nanometer green plate-making technology? To put it bluntly, is a kind of modified ink-jet CTP technology. Speaking of ink-jet CTP technology, industry professionals should not strange, its technical principle is very simple, is to use the printer, special ink painting in accordance with the relevant provisions to through special processing, on the base plate version of using the principle of ink balance, blank section water, graphic part of the ink, and on the end of the printing press, printing ink transfer process from the plate to the substrates. Why inkjet CTP technology called nanomaterials green printing plate-making technology? This is because the use of ink contains good eligibility, particle size in 30 nm - Between 200 - nm nano pigment particle, and nanometer materials green printing plate-making technology have a photosensitive, no pollution, comprehensive advantages such as low cost, and because it has advantages of environmental protection, so as to stand out in a variety of inkjet CTP technology, has become the focus of printing industry. Cracks in survival despite started earlier, but the development of ink-jet CTP technology has been relatively rough, not fare well. A lot of companies to research and development of the technology, but the real prize of request. At present, in the inkjet CTP JetPlateSystems company to the United States and Denmark Glunz& Jensen, both companies have declared the CTP system has reached 175 lpi imaging quality. In China, there is also a pury pl company has developed a full range of solutions, but few reports of sales. As mainstream CTP equipment suppliers with thermal and photosensitive CTP equipment and materials as the research and development the inkjet CTP in the market it is difficult to satisfactory performance. Segments show heroes CTP market in our country, thermal, optical and CTcP three kingdoms battle has for several years, left to inkjet CTP space is insufficient, can inkjet CTP Deus ex, a repeat of the drama of the three points belongs to jin? The author's opinion, such both neither are reality, cannot be true, but if the inkjet CTP dare to put down the attitude, to open up a new road in the segment of the market, the prospect is promising. At present, the mainstream CTP technology gradually replace laser typesetting technology has become the trend of The Times. Attention to consumer groups, is this trend will last long. Although CTP statistic data in China this year has not officially released, but CTP installed capacity in 3000 has become an indisputable fact. Printing enterprise from China and the analysis of the actual situation of CTP technology, the future China CTP market space of the remaining 2000 ~ 3000, in order to get a piece of cake after this, the competition between the CTP vendors will continue to increase. Inkjet CTP apparently unable to get their hands on this piece of intensifying the red sea. However, ink-jet CTP has incomparable advantage over other CTP equipment, low cost is the powerful weapon. This version plate-making technology investment of equipment and material costs are much lower than the common on the market at present most CTP plate and PS version. Can understand it, ink-jet CTP is behind the thermal, optical and CTcP three kingdoms battle, opened up a piece of base areas behind the enemy lines to help the small and medium-sized printing enterprise to reduce costs under the condition of fast into the CTP and digital age, fully staffed. Net win
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