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The importance of ink quality for inkjet printers_identification consumables

by:Arojet     2021-07-24
The small character ink jet printer is one of the marking products with a very wide range of use in the ink jet printer industry. The ink jet printer uses ink as the identification carrier of the product to mark the product, which can produce a very exquisite product identification. The ink jet printer can not only choose the color and size of the product logo, but also can solve some important product details perfectly. This is the exquisite logo we often see, which is very close to the effect of printing. The size of the logo processed by the small character ink jet printer is suitable for small-package products, and can meet the requirements of exquisite product packaging through the visual requirements of consumers. The ink helps the inkjet printer to attach the products on different product surfaces, so that the product identification can always appear where it should appear during the use process. In response to the material requirements and labeling requirements of different industries, the inks have changed the composition and the ratio of the inks so that these product labels can be displayed through the inks and show very good labeling characteristics. It can be seen that inkjet printers that display marks through ink have an unprecedented level of dependence on ink technology. The technological progress of the ink industry can also fully drive the development of the inkjet printer industry. Ink technology can solve more material surface adhesion problems in the future, and allow these materials to be included in the usable range of inkjet printers. In this way, the inkjet printer and product identification can achieve mutual benefit and win-win, so that production can be carried out. More smoothly.
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