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The high-quality inkjet code of the cosmetics inkjet printer can quickly improve the credit image of the product

by:Arojet     2021-09-21
Product packaging is to protect the product during the circulation process, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales. According to a certain technical method, the overall name of the container, material and auxiliary materials, etc., product packaging design helps to distinguish your product and convey the quality of the brand Information, in addition to conveying important information on the packaging, product coding also helps to enhance the quality image of the product. In addition, value-added coding strategies can reduce pre-printed inventory, and using anti-counterfeiting or transfer solutions can help protect your brand. Arnoldage cosmetics inkjet printers specialize in a variety of coding solutions, which can always provide ideal coding for various products, while ensuring the necessary flexibility and efficiency. The identification of cosmetic packaging and skin care products has a great relationship with the inkjet printer, and the cosmetics inkjet printer supports dynamic time, batch number, QR code, barcode, product production batch, etc., and even our company's anti-counterfeiting The identification can be used as an information entry through a two-dimensional code to complete anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering. The two-dimensional code is variable data. The two-dimensional code of each product is different. However, the logo of skin care products using inkjet printers is basically not Too much manual intervention is required, only the automatic program and consumables support of the inkjet printer itself, which can not only complete the marking automatically, but also produce beautiful and high-definition effects. It is also resistant to wear in the later use, the inkjet printer Based on this demand for many years of research and development and optimization, it has now been recognized by the majority of daily chemical manufacturers. The cosmetics inkjet printer can not only print the content on the bottle body, but also print the QR code and the production date on the bottle cap. As one of the top ten machinery industries in my country, the development of the packaging machinery industry is becoming more and more prosperous. Inkjet printers are now used in industry and commerce, including packaging bottle cap inkjet printers and have been recognized by the majority of users. Cosmetic packaging factories need flexible coding solutions to meet the needs of various packaging specifications and styles, from small glass bottles to large containers. Other factors such as uptime, packaging line efficiency and total cost of ownership are also critical to ensuring operational profitability.
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