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The harm of inferior inkjet printer consumables to inkjet printer

by:Arojet     2021-08-01
At present, there are three commonly used consumables for inkjet printers, one is solvent, one is cleaning machine and the other is ink. Recently, some manufacturers are eager to buy inkjet printer consumables from non-manufacturers or informal channels through the Internet or other channels. At first they may feel cheap and save the cost for manufacturers, but usually problems will come after two or three months How come the printer is not easy to use, the printed words are unsightly, the ink line is sometimes absent, and the machine has small faults. We know that although the printer is only an accessory, it directly affects the integrity of the product and directly affects timely shipment , Delivery on time, if it is not repaired in time, it will cause huge losses to the manufacturer, and will also seriously affect the reputation of the business. The loss is not made up for by the few small savings saved by buying inferior consumables for cheap. In addition, inferior consumables will directly damage the service life of the inkjet printer. We know that professional inkjet printer manufacturers have their own strict requirements for their own inkjet printer consumables, formulations, purity ratios, and electrical conductivity, and the suitable ones are Best of all, the manufacturer's unauthorized replacement of consumables from different manufacturers and models will directly accelerate the wear of the printer's parts, destroy the conductivity of the printer itself, and shorten the service life of the printer. Therefore, when we purchase inkjet printer consumables, we must choose the products of formal cooperative manufacturers, and we must not be greedy for small and cheap products.
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