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The global model of full color double-sided printing ink jet printing system in Britain

by:Arojet     2021-05-01
Screen TRUEPRESSJETSXB2 digital inkjet printing system has been hailed as a global model of full color double-sided printing B2 wide sheet-fed ink-jet printing system. Recently, the new equipment in the UK commercial printing enterprise RCS. It is reported that recently, the British commercial printing enterprise RCS in Europe, the company successfully installed network screen TRUEPRESSJETSXB2 digital inkjet printing system, the device is also global full-color double-sided printing B2 wide sheet-fed ink-jet printing system. Screen TRUEPRESSJETSXB2 inkjet printer adopts a new generation of high-precision inkjet print head, a small volume drops only 2 liters (slightly picolitres) , but the output resolution of 1440 x1440dpi, print quality can be comparable to the traditional offset printing quality. Big paper size is 740 x530 mm, can easily deal with from the standard A4 size of the calendar, folding and book printing to A2 / B2 wide posters of products. At the same time, the device also satisfy RCS company to strict environmental standards, low energy consumption, the ink usage is high, the waste can be reduced to a low. In addition, attract the RCS company introduces the device of another factor is that JETSXB2 inkjet printer can handle thickness from 0. 8 mm to zero. 6 mm between a variety of substrates, configuration of high vacuum flat paper transmission system is equivalent to the traditional offset press paper system. RCS company managing director Michael Todd ( MichaelTodd) Describe the introduction of new equipment as the rules of change the business model of innovators, a competitive and uniqueness of the product can help enterprises to open a wider field of specialized market and win more business opportunities. As the customers on the short version, the growing demand for the high quality personalized print, the traditional high speed, low profit templates is gradually reduced. Our target market positioning is printed in a high value-added printing mode, in the future we will very pleased with company's each personalized print, high value-added products will bring high profits. RCS has been keen to introduce new technologies, new products. In 2010, the company installed the British Scodix1200 digital indentation machine, nine months later introduced the second sets of such equipment. Earlier this year, the RCS bought British Presstek75DIB2 direct imaging printing machine. China packaging printing machinery network integration
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