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The global fast color inkjet printer

by:Arojet     2021-04-26
According to foreign media reports, a British company Memjet claims that they have been developed to create the world fast color inkjet printer; ; Can print 4 A4 color document per second! This let all those who profess to high speed printer is too weak. Speed is physically the Lomond made EvoJet2 desktop printer can realize the incredible speed at which the four A4 per second full color. Memjet says that it is entirely possible, fixed and page width of the print head, designed by a special nozzle and silicon chips, using more than 70000 ink nozzle, is a traditional laser and inkjet printers print speed several times. And EvoJet2 used more efficient printing technology, to greater level of play to the efficiency of the ink, and EvoJet2 adopted the full package pricing model to greater level of control enterprise cost, and will provide monthly fee. But the entity shop selling price is not yet clear. The Chinese printing and packaging network
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