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The global digital printing of printing and packaging industry total market capitalization of 13. 9% _ printing, digital printing, inkjet technology

by:Arojet     2021-05-06
Takeaway: smithers peel institute, according to a new report this year, the global digital printing market value accounted for 13 of total market capitalization of printing and packaging industry. And 9% of total market size of 2. 5%. In 2010, the two Numbers is only 9. 4% and 1. 9%. The global digital printing of printing and packaging industry total market capitalization of 13. 9% of the ecological environment of the crisis of traditional forms printing industry is gradually shift from traditional formats for digital formats. As more and more printing enterprises to adopt new technology, new application and new business model to meet the market demand for on-demand printing and short version printing, personalized photo printing products such as pictorial book alone to provide online order service of digital printing enterprise increased the demand for billions of dollars. Results show that, in the field of printing and packaging, digital technology to advertising printing of high permeability, adopting digital printing way of advertising products market occupied more than half of the total market value of advertising printing, accounting for 22% of the total market size; Digital printing graphic products, followed by 20% of the total market value accounting for graphic printing, scale accounted for 17%; Digital printing technology in the field of printing packaging decoration and publications has yet to play out the obvious utility, market development is still in its infancy stage, the market value accounted for 5% and 2% of the total, the size ratio is about 8% and 4%. Smithers peel in June and July this year for the global printing industry in-depth investigation, and discusses the cause of the printing business, digital printing business. Obviously shorten the cycle of factors is a printing enterprise, the second technical advantage and low installation cost, environmental advantage at the bottom. Inkjet technology is popular while the traditional printing technology is still in the steady development, but the development of digital printing technology more rapidly, which particularly inkjet technology research and development to accelerate. Research shows that the trend is changing the digital printing and traditional printing business, product positioning, as the cost in the narrow the gap and digital printing or will become effective alternative to flexo and gravure. When choosing traditional printing or digital printing business, printing companies need to measure the real cost of production enterprises, including capital cost, depreciation period, the maintenance cost, paradigm shift, labor costs, energy costs, materials preparation time, cost, installation and operation cost of waste, the printing speed and ink, etc. Only through comprehensive consideration and simulation of the printing enterprise to determine the suitable type of business, technology and supply market. Creative thinking of the printing enterprise will find opportunities of digital printing market, while the new business may destroy the traditional printing business benefits, but also provides new opportunities for the enterprise. Hybrid printing emerging research institute survey, digital printing and traditional printing is not binary opposites, both can realize complementary advantages. Now many printing equipment suppliers to both offset printing and digital printing devices as part of its production capacity. Printing enterprise can adopt digital printing machine printed short version and personalized printing products, long use offset printing edition. Two kinds of business constantly fusion to form hybrid printing business model, can realize the traditional static graphic data and the integration of modern variable data on printing products manufacturing, greatly improve the overall efficiency of printing enterprise. Results show that, through the digital environment, the integration of a variety of printing technology to create new business models, is becoming a printing enterprise breakthrough development dilemma and build the core competitiveness of the key. Consumer demand increasingly diverse and fragmented, means that only at the same time the capacity of digital printing and traditional printing printing service providers to provide them with the appropriate solution. Report mentions a digital newspaper printing enterprises) hybrid printing business model. The small and medium-sized printing service providers is given priority to with digital printing business, but its special retain the traditional printing process; ; SLATE printing, still brought some specific for its customers, such as painter and lithographic printing workshop, etc. The small business innovation management, provides the features different from other print service providers, in the current fierce competition in the printing industry to become a valuable and key competitors. Smithers? Peel institute website
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