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The emergence of UV inkjet printers, so that brand products have anti-counterfeiting protection

by:Arojet     2021-07-27
Nowadays, UV inkjet printers have been widely used in real life, no matter what kind of product you can see, its packaging will be printed with the expiration date, production date and some batch numbers, as well as the recent few The QR code that has been popular in the year! In fact, this is all the credit of the UV inkjet printer. It can be said that because of the existence of this identification device, the company's products have a certain degree of anti-counterfeiting protection! At present, its application range can be said to be relatively wide. Whether in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetics industry, building materials industry, electronic components industry, etc., it can use its powerful printing function to complete code assignment on different materials. And it can print information that changes over time, as well as variable number anti-counterfeiting QR code information. Because UV inkjet printers usually use non-contact piezoelectric inkjet technology, it is not restricted by any size and texture. The JW5000 series of UV inkjet printers developed by Guangzhou Jiangwei can meet the different coding needs of customers in various industries in one stop. Guangzhou Jiangwei has been paying attention to the development trend of applications in the industry and the changing needs of customers for many years. Continuously develop coding equipment that meets the needs of contemporary enterprises to meet the needs of products that need to be marked in various industries. At present, the emergence of UV inkjet printers has greatly improved the production efficiency of enterprises and saved production costs. And its life span is as long as ten years, which also saves the cost of machinery and equipment for enterprises to a certain extent.
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