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The difference between laser printers and inkjet printers

by:Arojet     2021-05-08
When buying a printer, mainly divided into two categories: laser printers and inkjet printers. Broadly, the laser machine cost is higher, but the drum unit capacity is big, the late cost is low; Inkjet machine machine the cost is low, but later the cartridge dosage is bigger. Here is to introduce the difference between laser printers and inkjet printers. Although is a printer, laser printer difference are essentially different. Laser printer prices are high, but has good printing quality, high efficiency and the overall print low cost advantage. Can be seen from the print on the same document, it and the parameters of the inkjet printer specification has a lot of the same place, such as: printing speed, print quality, interface, the work environment. Distinction: the principle of laser printer and inkjet printer ink-jet printer is to produce small drops, recycled inkjet head and tiny drops of guidance to set position, there is ink in the cost of late. And laser printer is produced by the laser scanning system contains the character information of laser beam, by electronic camera system will after laser imaging and transfer to the paper, it is the most important parts in selenium drum, late supplies mainly also need to be replaced. The advantages and disadvantages of laser printer: advantage: using selenium drum, carbon powder printing, printing speed, perform a big, total print number, the handwriting clear, handwriting color depth is adjustable, moreover compared inkjet printers, more afraid of is not in use for a long time. Laser printer must buy printer drum, powder separation of structure ( Drum powder structure integrated machine after toner, drum unit must be replaced, buyers should pay full attention to) , carbon powder can be add powder separately after using it. Disadvantages: compared with the inkjet printer, laser printer usually more expensive price, also is a one-time investment is relatively high. The advantages and disadvantages of inkjet printer: advantage: inkjet printer price are relatively cheap, Especially low-end products) Simple, the printing speed faster, add ink, leaflet printing cost is low. Must buy nozzle, printer ink cartridges fission structure, to avoid the ink nozzle connected to replace defects after using it. Disadvantages: for users to perform a little, long time no plug nozzle; Exhausted after have to use the original ink, ink with compatible ink is easy to appear problem, until can't print ( Print manufacturer forced consumer spending) 。 In addition, the inkjet printer to print speed slower, print the total number of sheets is relatively small. Laser printers and inkjet printers, difference: laser printer fast big advantage is, after all, one roll one page came out, the greater the perform this advantage is more obvious. And colour, print quality, ink jet printer or there is a big advantage, at the same time an inkjet printer is generally cheaper and smaller. So, better or laser inkjet printer? For this problem, there is no unified the answer, mainly USES and budget, such as the need to often use, proposal that the color reduction degree is high, consider an inkjet printer. Printing speed and requirement, the color degree of reduction is not so high, do not often use of home users, can consider to laser printers. In general, all to be decided according to the demand, if it is a common office level, the first is you perform, and the second is your printing speed requirements; If it is print quality pursuit, such as photos of what, certainly inkjet is better. The difference between laser printers and inkjet printers
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