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The difference between inkjet printer high adhesion ink and ordinary ink

by:Arojet     2021-07-30

As we all know, plastic materials are currently divided into PVC, PPE, PE, PP, PPR, PET, PPBO, etc. These plastic products of different materials are The degree of adhesion varies greatly. Ordinary ink can only meet the coding of several plastic materials, and if the plastic material needs special treatment such as high temperature, steaming, etc., ordinary inkjet printers are prone to ink drop. In order to solve the problem of ink adhesion of inkjet printers, printer manufacturers are constantly seeking new solutions.

General inkjet printer inks are implanted on plastic materials, and the electronic compatibility between the ink molecules and the characteristics of the plastic materials needs to be considered. If they are not handled well, the ink will fall off easily.

High-adhesion ink is an ink specially developed for inkjet printing of plastic materials. In terms of electronic compatibility processing methods, inkjet printer ink manufacturers use special ingredients, which solves the problem well. The issue of electronic compatibility. But it also brings some side effects, which I won't elaborate on.

In short, high-adhesion ink does have a much better adhesion than general ink, and it will be better if combined with some auxiliary means, such as using a plasma spray gun. However, there is still no way to achieve good adhesion of each plastic material, which is determined by the molecular structure of the material itself.

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