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The difference between dye inkjet printer ink and pigment ink

by:Arojet     2021-04-30
Because ink-jet printer can print photos, although the speed is relatively slow, but still choose by many families. We may consider in choosing a more printer USES is a few color ink cartridge, but actually inkjet printer ink and there are many different materials, general common is two kinds of dye ink and pigment ink. So what is the difference between this kind of ink in use? And how can we choose. Dye ink generally composed of specific chemical results of single molecule, molecular volume is small, only a few nanometers, dissolved in organic solvent colorants, is a kind of water-soluble ink, has a wide color gamut, can achieve superior image quality. Pigment ink is composed of molecular aggregation, with the aid of dispersant is suspended in colorants, is a kind of water-soluble ink, print out the color gamut of narrow, color is darker, but its advantage is black ink printed text is very sharp, no burrs, waterproof and fast. Dye ink stains because completely dissolved in the ink, so generally do not occur the phenomenon of plug nozzle, but there are shortcomings is to print the file again when you meet the water stain on the printing paper will dissolve again, so the dye ink print file is not waterproof. Add special adhesive and pigment ink generally, suspending in the ink stain can stick on the text or graphics of printer and form a layer of protective film, so relative to waterproof. In addition on the fade, because the dye ink stains directly exposed to the air, under the light and the effect of external conditions, might encounter print documents become angry phenomenon. Pigment ink with special adhesive to form protective film, is generally not easy to fade away. So in terms of waterproof fade, have more advantages than the dye ink pigment ink. But in bright color of the above, the dye ink performance will be better. Can say both have their own advantages and disadvantages, the choice depends on what kind of ink printed documents to the timing of the use situation and needs to be saved. Usually print photographs suggest using dye ink, printed effect is really much better, but in order to check fade, effect of good, so can not only present a picture color rich aesthetic feeling, and give attention to both the photos stored for a long time. Print the general file can be according to the need of their choice. The difference between dye inkjet printer ink and pigment ink
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