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The development trend of inkjet printing _ market dynamics

by:Arojet     2021-04-30
Inkjet technology promoting the development of digital proofing. As close to the quality of the offset printing ink jet printing resolution level, will become the key technology of CTP workflow support, will take the place of offset printing plate proofing, printing proofing markets. Ink jet printing will coexist with silk screen printing. Large advertising print used to be silk screen printing in the world, but in the near future, large-format digital print market share will gradually expand trend of the equipment. At a relatively low resolution inkjet printing methods at present, the larger printing format and performance, without being limited by the length of continuous printing has been on the street advertising, body advertising, light boxes, plaques, etc widely used.

UV ink will increase in the application of inkjet printing machine. UV curing way now has been widely adopted by ink jet printing machine, UV inkjet print head of manufacturing technology, control technology in constant progress. The UV curing ink has three characteristics: energy conservation dry; On the base material has a wide range of printing eligibility; Fast curing time of downstream processes.

digital inkjet bright future in the field of packaging and printing. A lot of packaging and printing manufacturers and end users are exploring inkjet printing in packaging applications, ink-jet printing can be in such as plastic bottles, metal foil, personalized corrugated carton and corrugated cartons, labels, etc all kinds of different media, directly for high quality printing. For commodity producers to consumers show variable information content, provide low-cost production samples, and a small amount of test marketing products. Inkjet printing in the future will become a mainstream technology and adopted by the packaging printing industry, play an important role in the future product packaging market.

ink-jet printing digital workflow is in line with the development trend of digital and networking. We are looking forward to the arrival of a new era of digital ink jet printing, inkjet printing technology in the near future will penetrate into the broader market, has injected new vitality for the modern printing industry.

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