The demand for dairy products grows, and inkjet printers help

by:Arojet     2021-09-17
With the increase of people's income, people are paying more and more attention to dietary health and food safety, especially focusing on protein intake and nutritional balance. The increase in demand for dairy products promotes the development of the dairy product market, and promotes the improvement and updating of research and production technology for dairy products companies. In addition, the increase in revenue in emerging markets is also one of the driving factors, such as: in Asia, dairy products and cheese products Favored by more and more consumers. When choosing foods, consumers consider more and more comprehensive factors, not only the date of production, taste, packaging appearance, but also the information about the nutritional content of the food and the source of raw materials, as well as the information of manufacturers and retailers. And other information, even corporate values u200bu200bare also one of the information consumers care about. The company must be able to convey this holistic view to consumers and provide them with relevant information in an open and transparent manner. At present, the jet printing requirements for most dairy products are relatively reasonable and simple, but there will always be uncertainties in the future food labeling regulations. Dairy manufacturers can choose coding equipment that is also applicable in the future, that is, printers that can be integrated into the production system at any time, so as to quickly respond to changing trends, customer requirements or regulations without investing in new equipment. The factors to consider before purchasing an inkjet printer include not only the initial price, but also factors such as reliability, cost of consumables during the life of the machine, and functional structure. If you want to buy cheap inkjet printers, you may experience frequent failures, resulting in increased inkjet printing costs, reduced production speeds or shutdowns, and you will lose more than you gain. Therefore, when choosing a coding scheme that meets the needs, dairy companies must carefully evaluate all available options, fully consider production line speed, code content, production environment, total purchase cost and other important factors, and choose a suitable and cost-effective inkjet printer . Metronics Rottweil inkjet printers can print barcodes, QR codes, batch numbers, dates, shifts and serial numbers on a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, paper, glass, etc.. Metronics Rottweil uses environmental protection The ink meets food requirements, and edible ink is used. Rottweil has operations in more than 30 countries on five continents. From selection, testing, installation to after-sales maintenance services, its solutions are economical and practical, low cost of use, simple maintenance, excellent performance, and reliable operation.
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