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The coding mark on the vacuum packaging!

by:Arojet     2021-07-24
In the food industry, many products use vacuum packaging to keep food fresh in order to maintain moisture and freshness. Vacuum packaging ensures the circulation of fresh products to a certain extent, such as the fresh zongzi food that we will encounter during the Dragon Boat Festival, some seasonal and festive fresh food, and so on. The appearance of vacuum packaging makes food easier. Especially in the industrialized production of vacuum food, lower enterprise costs. In the supervision of my country's food industry, as long as it is a metered product, the product needs to be labeled, and the smallest unit of the label is the package with measurement that needs to be labeled. Generally, vacuum-packaged foods are packaged in a metering manner. Therefore, to solve the product identification on the metering packaging and display the production date, place of origin, batch number and other information, the corresponding identification products are needed to assist. The inkjet printer is one of the important products to solve the vacuum packaging product identification. The important feature of vacuum packaging is that the shape of the packaging is not fixed, because when vacuuming, the food has a variety of product states, and the shape of the product will be different after the vacuum is formed. The inkjet printer uses a non-contact product identification inkjet method, which can mark a product on a certain part of the product, without directly touching the surface of the vacuum packaging, even if the packaging surface is not on the same plane, the identification can be guaranteed Completeness. In this way, it is very convenient to solve the vacuum packaging label, and it has become a preferred product label.
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