The beverage industry inkjet printer must do the following

by:Arojet     2021-09-17
Fast speed The beverage industry has a large production volume, so it is necessary to choose equipment and inks that can adapt to high-speed production lines for high-speed coding. If you choose a quick-drying ink that can dry in one second, you can meet such high requirements. Environmental Factors-Humidity and Condensation Humidity and changing temperatures condense on the materials that need to be marked. This is one of the problems that the beverage production industry often encounters and is difficult to solve. The pressurized nozzle and stainless steel casing can ensure a large degree of sealing; an accessory film is provided to ensure good adhesion of the ink even if it condenses again. Printing materials are marked on the surface of various different materials, and the packaging materials of beverages are varied, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, laminated paper boxes, cans, shrinkable plastic films, etc., which are common packaging. Because for different materials, a printer manufacturer that can provide a wide range of marking technologies can provide corresponding inkjet technology solutions, coupled with a rich variety of inks, to ensure high-quality markings on various materials Requirements. The printing quality uses the inkjet printer to mark the production date, batch number and other content of the product to obtain a clear and high-quality mark. Printing quality is obviously a concern for manufacturers. The content requirements of the logo are complex and diverse. Numbers, words, pictograms, logos, etc. must be identified and matched with the packaging of the goods. If inkjet coding technology is used for marking, a series of nozzle models suitable for different requirements are required, including small-character nozzles that can obtain extremely high marking quality. Environmental factors-hygiene requirements When beverage manufacturers choose inkjet printers, they must consider strict sanitary conditions and the shock absorption of the production line. Some also consider that the inkjet printer can be flushed with the production equipment and the environment. The stainless steel structure of the printer is necessary. The performance of resistance to high humidity and high dust enables the inkjet printer to maintain good operation and work even in harsh production environments. According to the characteristics of the food and beverage industry, the special requirements for marking are determined. Therefore, the provision of safe and reliable inks is also crucial.
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