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The bag automatic inkjet printer is very impressive in the eyes of customers in need

by:Arojet     2021-07-23
Bags refer to packaging bags used to pack various supplies, which are widely used in daily life and industrial production. Nowadays, popular packaging bags will have some content identification. Merchants will use QR codes to promote products and rewards. It happens that the hot sales of bag automatic inkjet printers are developing in the direction of high speed, multi-function and intelligent control. , It is more suitable for the demand of various aspects of the market, in order to meet the requirements of customers' construction and reduce the needs of process circulation costs, improve the technical functions of the inkjet printer and install high-speed production. The negative pressure ink supply system adopted by the Arnoldjet printer ensures that the ink transfer system is stable and reliable and has a long service life. The automatic bag printer adopts industrial piezoelectric nozzles, and the product packaging printer has a long life, high precision and large width. , High speed, multi-function, high adhesion, self-developed inkjet software is easy to operate, fully integrated with the functions required for project production, customized development, typesetting, anti-duplication, data verification, barcode modification, cost control, log records and other modules Applications. The key point is that the inkjet printer is your right-hand man, ensuring that the improvement of business efficiency is the backing. Arnoldage has an ultra-high-speed variable data printing system (X9) to provide you with high-quality content and quality at a high production speed. With the newly developed technology, the bag automatic inkjet printer sold by our company can satisfy you With the application requirements of the two-dimensional code, it is bound to promote the development of the inkjet printer market, so the inkjet equipment is the most important equipment in the eyes of customers in need.
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