The application of hand-held inkjet printer in the clothing industry Internet of things inkjet logo

by:Arojet     2021-09-19
As the technology of the Internet of Things continues to mature, it has entered the stage of commercial application in recent years. With the help of the Internet and communication technology, it has been widely used in many industries such as industry and commerce, transportation, logistics, supply chain management, and public information services. The clothing industry has also entered, and the integration of RFID technology has brought about the development of the clothing industry. A high-tech booster. One thing, one code is the inevitable trend of product circulation in the future. With the help of high-resolution inkjet printers, one-dimensional codes are printed on electronic tags embedded in RFID, with an average speed of 120m/min, which greatly improves production efficiency and greatly reduces time costs. , Give each piece of clothing a unique identity, and realize the informatization of a piece of clothing from materials, processing, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics and transportation, distribution, store sales, VIP customer management, and provide enterprises and customers with real-time dynamics throughout the process Tracking query. Packaging and printing companies such as food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol, cables, medicines and cosmetics need to print numbers, bar codes, patterns or text on products or outer packaging cartons frequently or at a high speed. Practice has proved that the application of small character inkjet printers, high-resolution inkjet printers, etc. can greatly improve production efficiency and the clarity of printed text, thereby improving product quality, enabling enterprises to win a broader product market and better economic benefits. Before the non-contact continuous inkjet printer was invented, screen printers, pad printers and even more primitive mechanical roller punches were often used to complete printing. The result of this is poor text clarity, time-consuming and labor-intensive, low production efficiency, and the quality of the product is lost due to low printing quality, and more and more customers and consumers are lost, causing the production enterprise to suffer losses. Therefore, advanced equipment is urgently needed to replace them. After the efforts of scientists and many scientific and technological workers, small character inkjet printers and high-resolution inkjet printers have been developed. These non-contact continuous inkjet printers have become the first choice to change the backward status quo. Small character inkjet printers are mainly used to print small characters, numbers and graphics on sub-products. The high-resolution inkjet printer, as the name suggests, is used to print large text, numbers and graphics on the outer packaging carton.
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