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Tablets and volume of UV inkjet printer flagship product will appear _

by:Arojet     2021-05-09
Durst will in the upcoming FESPA London exhibition ( 6. 25 - 6. No. 29, booth N5N) On display at the new Rho1000 series. Rho1000 Rho1000 series is Durst tablets and volume of a flagship product of UV inkjet printer. Device is equipped with a variety of automated mode in order to better meet customer demand. Rho1000 series combines the excellent quality and high printing speed and flexibility with the medium. Suitable for: variable data printing printing complete sets of on-demand printing and late custom-made unattended printing Rho1012 similar products in the productive 12 litres of flat-panel printers. Rho1012 launched in May 2013, equipped with 12 leather rise drops Durst new Quadro array print head technology. Has been proved that this setting represents the industry to produce high quality standards. In the case of 1000 dpi, Rho1012 high can print 490 square meters per hour. It has a different system configurations, and also very suitable for into industrial production line. Rho1012 product features large resolution can be up to 1000 dpi. The color of ink can choose light color, additional printing additional ( PCA) Or orange, orange and green and purple left and right sides of the positioning system can implement printing mechanical side by side 2 point positioning system ensures that the positive and negative of print can quickly switch to print media, such as the volume of flat or roll to roll. Can upgrade to a different configuration has a very high stability ( 7 days 24 hours production) Rho1030 fast automatic UV flat-panel printers Rho1030 is fast flat-panel printers on the market, while guarantee the quality of printing can print 1000 square meters per hour. It is an ideal automatic machine, at the same time can provide short version printing, variable data printing and fast switch medium. Through the details and sharpening and color piece of smoothness of the word, without reducing the production efficiency at the same time, has always maintained a Durst fine quality level. Rho1030 product features: ink can choose light color, additional supplementary color printing ( PCA) Adopting Durst new print head matrix arrangement technology, with more than 65000 nozzles. From the loaded into the tray to unload to the piling machine for distribution using fully automated process is very suitable for into industrial production line has a very high stability ( 7 days 24 hours production) Read on: Durst since 1936 and is dedicated to improve large image printing technology and develop better and faster solution. Durst started to work in the analog video technology, and later turned to digital imaging laser imaging technology. Durst is early developed market large-format inkjet printing technology is applied to the image of one of the company. Now, Durst successfully extended to different industrial inkjet applications. Today, Durst has become experts in industrial inkjet. Set up a new r&d center in linz, Austria, enough to prove that the Durst's commitment to the ink-jet printing technology and the quest for new applications. Is from the perspective of physical properties and chemical science and technology optimization of the process of printing equipment performance, Durst has successfully provided to their customer competitiveness and profitability of advantages. This is why Durst has been firmly believe that Durst is an expert in industrial inkjet.
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