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Striking light inkjet printer for production

by:Arojet     2021-05-04
At present, RISO company ComColor series color printer installed base in the United States has more than 1800 units ( 1 in the world. 20000) And only in the last year, the company has sold 600 in the United States ComColor color printer. In recent years as a concern for a color printer equipment, RISOHC5000 actually meet the masses of users as early as the end of 2003, but it is really catching the attention of the public, is held in 2004 drew the show. Although it's not a single channel inkjet printers, but it is a set of functionality, performance, and price advantage of inkjet products. When the product displayed on the drew ba, its high speed can reach 110 pages per minute, was faster in the world, is also a cheap a sheet-fed digital color printer. In that drew the exhibition held before, we also see some of the single channel digital color printer, such as kodak Versamark and agfa Versamark, but they all adopt the method of the continuous feeding, although this can make them faster than RISOHC5000 higher, but the costs are much higher than the latter. RISO proves the ink-jet printing and single channel engine is the direction for the future of digital color printer. And on the market of the multifunctional composite camera and light production compared with the printer, RISOHC5000 can achieve on the coated paper with the similar quality cost, but its operation cost is much lower than the former. In 2006, RISO with a higher quality and faster to upgrade products; ; HC5500 replaces the original HC5000 color printer. Nearly, RISO company with a batch of new models to enrich the power of its ComColor product line. This batch of new products a total of five models, including the rate of 90 pages per minute, sells for 25194 dollars of low-end products, also has the rate of 150 pages per minute, the product sells for $46194. Although the new printer will not replace the current HC5500 color printer, but we also hard to upon HC5500 find the better function than ComColor series printers. ComColor7010 rate of 120 pages per minute, is sold at a higher price than HC5500 only about $1200, but the former structure is more compact, more productive, and can achieve a printed page. In addition, double-sided printing is faster, and with black ink dry faster. ComColor printing adopted a new print head is different from the HC5500, therefore can achieve higher resistance force. It sounds very nice, but the body of RISO products there are some limitations. The main is their print quality with the same price of electrostatic imaging and HP printer CM8050/8060, etc. The quality of inkjet printers. In addition, although RISO ComColor printer speed is much faster than the above models, but due to their USES is oily ink, so can't printed on coated paper. RISO company said they had in the HC5000 and HC5500 sales succeeded, has sold 1800 units in the global market of such devices, there are 600 units were sold in the United States. RISO company has a lot of interesting sales channels, including kodak HC5500 printer for their sales, the company's Versamark printer also belong to similar products single is more suitable for short version of the transactional printing. Although great progress has been made, but RISO printer sales still cannot be compared with the same price of electrostatic imaging printer. ComColor product line appears likely to change this situation, it is very competitive, and is adjusted according to the demand of the market for digital printing. In terms of product distribution, RISO is with Objective Lune and Prism company sales typesetting software, and pitney bowes also signed sales HC5500 printer agreement with them.

in the near future, these new ComColor printer may light production by HP plans to launch with the threat of printer, and the printer will likely adopt some commonly used in HP printer all d printing technology ( 可伸缩的印刷技术) 。 At present, most of the new ink jet technology in multi channel family office printer and display image and high speed continuous feed for single channel on the printer, and the emergence of new ComColor printer has showed us that ink-jet printing can also be used in the production of light. Of course, the market is still mainly by Canon, konica minolta, ricoh and xerox production companies such as electrostatic imaging occupies the printer.

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