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Stream and Inkski inkjet printing technology on a par

by:Arojet     2021-05-12
— — Inkjet technology development has been faster than Moore fixed rate < / P > < P > as new inkjet technology, kodak Stream is considered by most customers is promising, because it is suitable for short version printing, can also be applied to printing, and Inkski is an upcoming into commercial application of the technology. Inca company Baxter in evaluating Stream technology, said: 'if people can technology used in the production, so it will make everything changed. 'Stream and Inksk adopted different from mainstream technology of ink jet method on the market, but they have in common is to use a single print head to a higher linear velocity. It is known that most of the current inkjet equipment using multiple print head for production. On the drew ba, kodak will display a speed of 2. 5 m/s ( 500 feet per minute) Equipment, and after using the Stream technology, the speed of the device is expected to be faster. Inkski company says it can print head in 10 - Work under the 20 m/s speed. Inkski BryanPalphreyman the company's business development manager said: 'the current fast printing machine mostly adopts digital technology - — The speed of fast newspaper printing presses in the world is 16 m/s - — So you can also try the digital production. 'Palphreyman said they company has proved this idea, and will in the future a year and four to five years to launch their print head and the concept of the printer. Other suppliers in this industry is also full of expectation, for the technology and want to be able to see in the market as soon as possible using the Inkski printer that the print head. It is understood that Inkski company will not in any drew on display in the new product, but Palphreyman said if the company and other suppliers are not release new products on this exhibition, so more or less will be a disappointment. Inca company Baxter think now it's not yet time to eliminate a piezoelectric on-demand inkjet technology. Piezoelectric technology may be impacted by the new technology, but will never be replaced. Due to the speed of new print head can be up to ten times of existing products, so the Baxter for our inkjet technology are summarized the development course in the past few years. He said: 'since we launched in April 2001, the world with the above a platform is also fast printer - — Eagle44, has succeeded in its production increased to the original model ( 发病) 25 times. To some extent, the development of ink-jet technology speed exceeds the mole ratio. Moore's law is by Intel ( Intel) One of the founders of Gordon & # 8226; Moore ( GordonMoore) , its content is as follows: integrated circuit can accommodate the number of transistors, about every 18 months will be doubled, the performance will be doubled. If measured from the point of view of value, so now the inkjet technology has 10 times higher than before. 'He added:' I think the printing can't keep such a high level of development in the next six years, but it can at least get growing exponentially. 'As the whole printing system improvement and perfection of form a complete set of tools, the speed of the print head will be further improved. In addition to speed, today's inkjet technology now trying to find a breakthrough on the other factors of production - — Powerful features, barrier-free operation and flexibility of printing on a variety of substrates. For daily operation, the print head is not worth a focus of attention. Baxter said: 'ink performance improvement is more important than the print head capacity growth. '< / P > < P > < / P > < P > core keywords: drew the newspapers printed < / P > < P > related news: huber group drew theme will be held during the press conference drew the push PrintSpec software 2007 newspaper printing the determination of the optimal product testing on Ukraine newspaper printing plant officially launch advanced gaussian printing press Asian newspaper printing equipment < / P > < P > < / P >
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