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Standardizing the coding method of food packaging is an effective way to prevent the shelf life of food from being altered

by:Arojet     2021-08-02

It is often seen in newspapers or online news that some illegal businesses sell expired food by altering the expiration date of the food, causing food safety hazards to consumers. Consumers do not know the altered production date, so it is very important for the management department to regulate the production date. As a professional inkjet printer provider, Chengdu Linshi puts forward some suggestions on the production date marking specifications of food packaging bags.

Since most food packaging bags use plastic composite film as packaging, inkjet printers often result in insufficient ink adhesion, and even changes to the date that have been printed will not leave any traces. But the velvet bag is different. Once this material is printed with the production date, the ink and the packaging material are intermingled. If the production date on the packaging bag is altered, it will leave a larger mark, and the altered date will often be found. Therefore, Chengdu Linshi inkjet printer company believes that standardizing food bag packaging is an effective way to ensure food safety.

The second is the development of coding technology. Laser coding machines have been widely used in terms of price and popularity. For example, hot pot bottom materials, food packaging composite films, food carton packaging, etc., all use lasers. Inkjet printer. The laser printer uses laser engraving to achieve color contrast on the surface of the product. Therefore, it is not easy to be altered, and it is also an effective way to prevent the date of food packaging from being altered after the expiration date. Therefore, Chengdu Lin Shi believes that regulating the use of coding machines by food companies is also an effective way to ensure food safety.

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