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Speed and the function different from traditional printing ink jet printer the _ takes digital printing, printing equipment

by:Arojet     2021-05-08
Takeaway: with the increase of market demand, the single sheet for inkjet printers and coil for ink-jet printing machine having a piece of heaven and earth. Today's digital printing technology is moving in high speed, low cost, development direction of personalized inkjet technology, from the point of the global market, high-speed inkjet printing technology has been involved in the application field of more and more widely, many international printing equipment giant, is no longer confined to production and sales of traditional printing equipment, ink-jet printing equipment as a new profit growth point. With the increase of market demand, the single sheet for inkjet printers and coil for ink-jet printing machine having a piece of heaven and earth. Whether sheet-fed ink-jet printer or rotary inkjet printer, its and the traditional sense of the printing press is not the same. It completely subvert the traditional concept, through the non-contact spray print, not direct contact with materials such as paper surface, depending on the nozzle internal voltage, ink jet from the nozzle to the surface of the paper. This involved how to control precision of dozens or even hundreds of nozzle software control program. Sheet-fed ink-jet printing machine and rotary inkjet printer paper way different, one is a sheet-fed, a roll of paper, and the rotary press will bring drying device, generally have UV, infrared drying or UV curing heat curing, etc. At the same time, a lot of rotary inkjet printers are generally equipped with folding, code, special ink printing, die cutting, waste, such as function matching equipment, makes the rotary inkjet printer purchase and use cost is a lot higher than sheet-fed ink-jet printer, and ordinary sheet-fed ink-jet printing machine from the console of postiche to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of industrial production. Sheet-fed ink-jet printer to print high resolution, print speed and print the characteristics of stable quality, good color reproduction, gradient effect transitional nature. In addition to paper, printed cloth, glass, PVC, PET, can be printed, and the operation is simple, small investment, small occupy space. And rotary inkjet printing machine in the process of development even though the purchase price and maintenance cost is more expensive, but from the time of publishing and on-demand printing modern publishing model, than in the past that kind of publishing model can save a lot of, don't have to take up large warehouses, human resources, and a lot of money, at the time of purchasing power market depression can show more inkjet equipment of vigor and vitality. The rapid development of ink-jet printing technology allows high-speed inkjet printing equipment and a sharp application domain expands unceasingly. Compared with the high speed rotary inkjet printing equipment, sheet-fed ink-jet printing equipment was too slow and width is small, but print quality especially, can even catch up with the quality of offset printing products. Speed, cost and quality, must rely on production equipment manufacturers, hardware and software vendors, ink r&d manufacturer and the joint efforts of printing paper manufacturers. Only in this way can inkjet printing technology has become the mainstream in the market of printing, inkjet printing products to become customers of love. ( The author is China printing ink and special printing ink and equipment industry association branch secretary) / Sun Shi auspicious printing industry
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