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Small character inkjet printer is used in the lighting industry

by:Arojet     2021-07-25
With the continuous development of my country's economy and the improvement of industrial technology in recent years, our living standards have also been continuously improved. The lamps and lanterns used in our family can be well reflected. A few years ago, our family used ordinary incandescent lamps or ordinary energy-saving lamps, and the labels of these lamps were all printed on a pad printer. Large companies are also using this method to solve the problem of lamp body labeling. Now the country is also vigorously advocating energy conservation and environmental protection. With the continuous advancement of technology, the original lighting companies can produce LED environmental protection energy-saving lamps belonging to their own brands. The civilian market and industrial demand are constantly expanding, and lighting companies are also In overtime production, it is necessary to print the lamp parameters on the lamp body during the production process. At this time, the use of pad printers cannot meet the production needs of the company. If a large number of pad printers are used, the cost of the company will be Very high, because a pad printing machine requires one person to operate it.

How to solve such a problem? Inkjet printer manufacturers can solve this problem very well. One inkjet printer can print tens of thousands of lamps and lanterns in an hour by means of an assembly line. The product efficiency is very high, and the printed text effects are also very beautiful. If there are lamps, Companies that need to rotate can add a rotating table to cooperate with the inkjet printer.


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