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Slow development of digital printing in the market for mining _ transformation, inkjet technology, on-demand printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-04
Takeaway: at present, the market for digital printing in China is not everybody imagination presents the fast development situation, the development speed is actually tend to be slow. Therefore, how to use digital printing productivity, expanding profit space, become practitioners subject faced by the printing. At present, the market for digital printing in China is not everybody imagination presents the fast development situation, the development speed is actually tend to be slow, especially when we give great hope of several digital printing applications: on-demand printing and personal bills printing, subject to the special national conditions of domestic, actually they are not as mature as abroad, the development of these two areas has been tepid. As the continuous inkjet technology upgrading, reduce cost and improve production capacity, in terms of the quality of wide, substantial changes, changes in its direct is the rich digital printing business, the application of the more we can do, especially the change of the low cost and wide, in this respect in the future we can have more space to imagine. In addition, in terms of printing enterprises, equipment and production capacity surplus seems to become a trend. In fact, strictly speaking, this surplus is mainly appear in the medium and low-end market for digital printing business, it reflects the market for digital printing in China objectively the status quo. First of all, most of the printing enterprise mainly USES the price strategy, had some existing digital printing business, this with foreign market for digital printing is a very different place. A relatively developed countries abroad, digital printing enterprise is not just a printing service providers, they are probably the customer consultant, such as public relations firms, business consulting company. Many successful digital printing enterprises abroad a fair amount of investment and resources are invested in marketing, so they will be the end user good marketing consultant, this is a kind of brand-new business model. Looks real digital printing is not only the price, digital printing is supposed to bring customers more value-added services, value-added, this should be the prospects of digital printing, this is really let us printing enterprise, low-end digital printing in the red sea market, to the blue ocean, high value-added market. At present in the Chinese digital printing, low-end market homogeneity, low added value in some cities is very competitive, and inadequate equipment utilization is obvious, and the influence of the economic environment, digital printing enterprise if not, I'm afraid I can't escape the fate of the superior bad discard. Therefore, how to use digital printing productivity, expanding profit space, become practitioners subject faced by the printing. Seize the market opportunity for market positioning of 1. Book industry and small batch of books are of stable growth. China's book publishing industry is a stable growth of industry, the book published in 2000, 14. 30000 kinds of growth in 2003 to nearly 200000 species, with the increase of new and small batch reprint books, on-demand printing growth prospects of the book is very big. 2. Insurance, finance, securities, postal and other industries of personalized direct YouShang letter of rapid development. As foreign gradually open the Chinese market, industry competition is intense. In order to adapt to market competition, insurance, finance, securities, postal and other industries of the mode of operation is changing rapidly, all kinds of paper presents the growing tendency of personalized, personalized direct mail letters demand is expanding. Use of the characteristics of digital printing market development 1. Combined with manufacturing, such as the use of lT products industry. The characteristics of the product manual update quickly, for printing services. 2. Use personalized prints for product promotion, can raise revenue as digital printing way. Promote the means of communication with customers, such as automotive manufacturing, real estate companies, such as can be in the presence of potential customers, using the digital printing technology customized personalized publicity materials respectively, a one-on-one propaganda, reach the purpose of attracting customers. The printing of personalized consumer goods, such as printing personal essays, personalized post CARDS, invitations, calendars, stamps, etc. 3. Personalized packaging printing, anti-counterfeiting printing, sample proofing, etc. Should pay attention to the technology and development of model 1. Network technology and database technology, for remote printing and control. 2. Personalized post-press binding equipment. 3. Customer relationship management ( CRM) And supplier relationship management ( SRM) System. Especially in the market competition intense today, digital printing with strength, to standing in the industry development trend, not to be eliminated. Step and enhance the strength, is the analysis of their own advantages and disadvantages. Under the market environment, digital printing and give full play to their own advantage, potential into power will be just around the corner. Packaging market, of course, we can't ignore a important application of digital printing in the future market, almost all the digital printing equipment suppliers both at home and abroad introduced related application products. It is a very large market: gift packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, etc. The packing of the products size is generally small, at the same time packaging market also has some special characteristics such as rich color requirements, personalized security, etc. , at the same time, after cutting, laminating, etc. , need to existing suppliers can provide integrated and differentiated solutions. It should be said that in the future market, this is a big chance of development of digital printing. The Internet
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