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Single-label QR code printer advances the increasingly stringent packaging industry


Label applications have a wide range of trends, from technology to packaging, and every aspect requires technology and development to meet the requirements. It is very important to choose the right film for various applications. Exquisite products are placed in order to stand out from the competition and choose The right label is an important premise for the printer to process the label into a work of art. The more transparent and open the label, the more attractive it is. Nowadays, the label is basically marked with a variable QR code for the product. Anti-counterfeiting traceability, you choose a single label QR code printer does not need to question, let Anojie's inkjet printer solve the problem of coding for your product!

Labels are more than just a decoration. Labels must be simple in printing and labeling. They do not affect production efficiency at any point in production, and can reduce the overall cost of the brand. Any inefficient process in the value chain will result in cost. Rise. Green two-code printing machine has become a must for printing companies. Anojie's single-label QR code printer uses green ink, which is the trend of the times. The effect of ink on the substrate is perfect for label quality. It plays an important role, not only to consider the adhesion of short-term content after printing, but also to consider the adhesion of the ink after a long time.

In short, due to the structural characteristics, the label needs to be surface pretreated to achieve a good printing process and printing quality. The pretreatment coating not only improves the long-term stability of the label print, but also has a value-added effect on the printer. The user uses a single-label QR code printer to print on the same label product using a variety of process effects, especially on some labels that are easy to fake cosmetics and food packaging. Through the label, we can see the true and false of the product, thus ensuring the interests of the product manufacturers and consumers, and also won an excellent reputation for the printer.

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