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Two-dimension code printing machine, more suitable for modern industry production


The 2D code, namely two-dimension bar code, is the upgraded version of the bar code. The most commonly seen one is 2D code. The 2D code has strong functionality, storing more information and representing more types of data. Today, due to the strict control over commodities, the 2D code that can identify the product description and packaging information is now widely used in the market, which then promotes the popularity of TWO-code printing machine. The code printing machine manufacturer recommends cost-effective equipment according to the customer's production situation. There has been a significant improvement in all aspects, and the application scope of the 2D code printing machine has been further expanded.

The variable 2D code has the features of high-density coding, large information capacity, wide coding range, low cost, easy production, and long retention time. The 2D code printing machine is widely chosen. The product requires packaging for circulation, and the packaging must have related product information identifications, such as the 2D code, bar code. Inkjet printers are perfect for printing these codes. The 2D code printing machine is a new type of code printing device. Its advantages are that it breaks through the bottleneck of printing technology and achieves high-speed coding without any material restrictions. This industrial inkjet printer is more suitable for the practical application of modern industrial production.

The printing of 2D code is based on black and white or color graphics. The printing effect depends on the stability of the ink and nozzle. The 2D code printing machine supports the installation of multiple sets of nozzles, working seamlessly, speeding up printing, and saving the purchase cost for the enterprise. Printing 2D codes by using 2D code printing machines on product packaging facilitates product identification, product tracking, anti-counterfeiting and added value. It not only meets the application needs of various industries, but also improves the product supply speed and improves the market response efficiency.

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