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Side jet printer ensure the quality of production


The speed of the side jet printer can be controlled according to the production demand. The assembled carton is transported from the pipeline. When the photoelectric sensor is triggered by the photoelectric sensor, after the package content inkjet printers receives the signal from photoelectric sensor, the industrial piezoelectric nozzle will be coded in the set time period. The marking content of the printing can be the production date, shelf life, expiration date, batch number, serial number, two-dimensional code, barcode, garbled code, random code, security code, Patterns, quantum cloud code, spectrum code and other content. At the same time, the printing speed is relatively fast, which guarantees the high quality demand of the products.

For carton or finished boxes and bags,the side jet printers sold by Arojet is a variable data printing system,which inks can be use such as water-based inks, oil-based inks and UV inks. The width ofsingle nozzle is 36mm, width of printingis 288mm., industrial piezoelectric nozzle, LEDUV curing after product printing, better to preventing color loss and scratch resistance. It can be adapted to fast-moving mechanical equipment to achieve cost-reducing, high-quality, high-efficiency production of coding equipment. The system is easy to install, easy to operate, and has excellent printing results. It not only solves the problem of variable QR code assignment. Moreover, the printing company's growing variable data printing problem can be competent, and it is the preferred equipment for large and medium-sized enterprises from the perspective of economic input.

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