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Shining inkjet printing printing market, in 2013 the annual inventory _ domestic news

by:Arojet     2021-05-05
【 PPzhan abstract 】 Survive in 2013 for printing enterprise was very not easy. It is a printing industry from peak to trough of the year, the year filled with all kinds of crisis, but digital printing as if is in the winter wintersweet, outshine others. In the digital printing to become one of the main development direction in the printing industry in our country, the ink jet printing is more like a dark horse, running in front of the whole section. Focus in the field of digital printing in 2013 still fall on inkjet printing. Labels and packaging in digital technology and a faster penetration in the field of application. Gartner, win ship, Internet Custer and Mr Smithers sent industries leading companies to analysis the development trend of digital printing technology in 2013 for the inventory, and its development prospects are also predicted in 2014. Value-added services to improve market competitiveness in the fierce market competition, many successful are on the path of the hybrid printing, printing enterprises of their digital printing as the lifeline, this is not because the technology can replace the traditional offset printing in mass printing, but because it opens the door to value-added services for enterprises, at the same time also can realize the seamless and printing machine and improve the automation level of printing production. Most of the introduction of digital printing machine is use them to manufacture of low production and high value-added products. We can't say that current production inkjet printer has been on the mainstream of sheet-fed offset printing market has how much influence. High speed continuous inkjet printer is still a very successful product, but only limited to the transactional printing, direct mail, and book market. B2 sheet-fed ink-jet printing machine, meanwhile, is still in its infancy, there is no formation of a stable customer base. Fortunately, some of the sheet-fed offset printing factory is now via digital printing machine profit, this is a good place to start. Although has passed more than 20 years of precipitation, large format printing market is still a potential market, and maintain a stable price level and product value. The advantage of printing can not only meet the needs of different market segments, and facilitating service for local businesses. Production speed of up to 5000 square feet per hour or more productive large-format printing system for offset printing is originally a very prosperous large-format printing market has injected new vitality, and production UV inkjet technology is successfully penetrated the mainly display image and the production of packaging in offset printing enterprises. Digital signage is a completely independent of the existing simulation printing market in emerging markets, but due to the current user time spent on the digital output is about 10 times the offset printing, offset printing is still large-format display in the market place. Industrial printing is a digital printing market prospects are very broad, but it have a higher barriers to entry. Printing industry is a large application field, and many areas of the printing as a large part of the process of production, and basic it is online production. In addition, there are some areas of industrial-grade digital print service demand is more urgent, such as ceramics, textiles, and labels. Shining inkjet printing printing market although ink-jet printing since 2008 became a popular topic of the printing industry, but it is hard to measure it for printing the impact of various fields. And 2013 is the turning point of a fun, ink-jet printing in every corner of people's life, from the file to print to the label and packaging production, from home decoration to functional printing and 3 d printing, etc. It can be seen. 3 d printing is more than 2013 people to talk about a topic, and the injection technology is the technical basis of 3 d printing being widely applied, and ink-jet technology, 3 d printer is all sorts of material ejected, instead of ink. Digital printing technology is usually used in the paper, and some plastic substrates, and now there are more and more users to its use in metal foil, metals, ceramics, textiles, printing, wood and glass, etc. We note that the production of digital printing presses in 2013 developed a lot of the document class of applications, such as ceramic tile, labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons and corrugated boxes, etc. In fact, the application field of 3 d printing in the packaging design model of the production, this can help manufacturers will product to market faster. Looking ahead to 2014, high-speed inkjet systems will continue to encroach on other technology market territory, and will further accelerate the speed. Company mainly engaged in mass production printing printing service providers nearly realized that although they have used the advanced offset printing machine and laser printer, but still can't ignore showed the great potential of inkjet technology. Significantly in the latter has indoor and outdoor surface printing, label printing, and color printing field has achieved good results, but still need to prove himself in the packaging, publishing, directory, newspapers, and the ability of ordinary commercial printing field. In large quantities of documents printing, inkjet printing production cost is still the main consideration of a problem, because it supplies and substrates are expensive. China packaging printing machinery network
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