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Shewing inkjet technology is applied in every field, printing _ local news

by:Arojet     2021-05-05
1. Home and office areas

inkjet printing equipment according to the wide points, can be divided into small, medium and large format inkjet printer. Small format ( A3) Inkjet printer for residential and commercial equipment, sales in the global market in 2002 has reached $29 billion, including hardware, printing ink and substrate. It is estimated that by 2007, the global small wide inkjet printer sales of up to $43 billion. This area is HP, Canon, three major brands, and lexmark. Due to the lack of core technology, the domestic large-scale electronic enterprise only through cooperation method involved in this field.

in this field, most ink-jet printer to the PC color output terminal. The quality and speed is not very high, but for convenient and maintenance free, the price is cheap. Rival in this field are mainly foil heat transfer and color xerographic system. Ribbon thermal transfer can basically satisfy the requirements above, but the static camera system in the system is compact and the price is difficult to meet the requirements.

2。 Color digital photo printing field

in the field of small dimension, color digital photo printing of color quality and high resolution is required, but general demands on imaging speed. This area was developed with the popularity of digital cameras. Under this system level requirement is not big, usually A4.

fine ink-jet system has stabilized and accurately on the socket as medium to 2 litres drops slightly for printing. Level of resolution of 2400 dpi, very close to the effect of the traditional silver halide photo color, and the price is much cheaper. Can also be made at any time, no pollution.

over the wide application in the field of

in wide ( A3-B0) And sharp surface ( B0 above) Inkjet printers are the main users of service design institute and output. Main manufacturers, HP, kodak, Roland, and so on. At the same time, large and medium-sized wide inkjet printing, in the period of in-depth development and widespread popularity of the product localization need big enterprise's innovation consciousness and market acumen.

1。 Inkjet technology application in the field of digital proofing

the effect of the inkjet printer is close to the printing effect, many publishing houses output proofs in this way. Due to the traditional proofing machine is to use the same ink to imaging, in theory it can express printing color gamut is very close. But under the traditional proofing machine is to rely on artificial ink and adjust the pressure, so the effect is not very stable. The personage inside course of study has the experience, this is the same set of film take out proofing respectively, effect usually is not the same. And digital proofing is digital imaging, can be very stable, some devices can also use the approximate color ink composition, the performance of the color gamut is very similar to printing. Inkjet printer instead of offset printing plate proofing proofing, heat transfer is a foregone conclusion.

2。 Inkjet technology applied in the spray field

at present, all indoor and outdoor display, advertising, posters and other large-format printing is mainly composed of silk screen, offset printing and inkjet imaging three kinds production. A large number of investigation and analysis shows that screen printing sheet suitable for the production of more than 400 live parts business, as a matter of fact, 200 single living thing within market demand is bigger.

many varieties, small batch of live more and more, the traditional way of silk screen is limited by a lot. Ink-jet printing for the market to provide a quick solution.

in the specific way of inkjet printing, water-based inks for ink and paper based substrates occupied large prints the main market share. But the proportion of solvent-based inks and UV curing ink jet is expanding rapidly, from environmental protection, the suitability of the substrates, the UV curing ink jet is likely to become the mainstream of market of large-format colour.

3。 Application in the field of digital printing

digital printing at present mainly include static camera ( Toner) Two mainstream and inkjet imaging system. Application areas including variable data printing, publications, personality sample, direct mail printing, commercial printing, label printing, label printing, even anti-counterfeiting printing and other special areas.

the inkjet printing by digital files directly, do not need to plate making, a business that can be printed in a few minutes after receiving order, convenient, save a space, and manpower. Printing process management more easily, can according to the number of accurate live a printing, avoid the waste in the process of school traditional printing color. In addition, the use of line array combination of inkjet head of digital printing system has the advantages in speed, output speed can reach 2000 pages per minute.

the angel's TURBOjet wide digital inkjet printer, is one of the fast digital ink jet printing machine on the market. Printing speed up to 400 square meters per hour, large-format 163 cm & times; 366 cm, printing precision up to 448 dpi. This printer is designed only for industrial production, on-demand ink, non-stop to add ink performance, guarantee the stability and continuity of the printing process.

we are looking forward to the arrival of a new era of digital printing, inkjet technology because of its no version, no work pressure, adopting digital files, system stability, substrates are widely etc, along with the constant improvement of its own technology, in the digital environment, are showing strong momentum of development. In the near future, width is bigger, faster, higher quality, support duplex printing, use of the technology of waterproof UV and UV inkjet ink jet equipment will penetrate into the broader market. Ink-jet technology will shine infinite vitality in the digital wave, get a bigger development.

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