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Shallow of large-format inkjet printer, several big advantage _ large-format printers

by:Arojet     2021-05-08
Takeaway: large-format inkjet printer and is called a large-format printers, large format inkjet printers have no plate-making, one step, which means, the cost is low, a printing, large quantities of template type can be produced, realize industrial production of a full color printing, photo effect, beyond the screen printing, high ability of waterproof, light resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance, color is not easy to grow old, not easy fade, etc. Large-format inkjet printer from wide to points, can be divided into: large print machine, large format printing machine, which can reach more than 3 m super wide. Piezoelectric on-demand inkjet way only drops in plating parts, is currently the more advanced technology. Advantage of large-format inkjet printer for the following aspects: product personalization. Can make colorful advertising posters, such as the area is large, high position, can watch the long-distance highway billboards, commercial product propaganda, etc, also can make high definition, high appreciation value of indoor or outdoor personal photo, product advertising, etc. Large print is more propaganda materials, substrates with high intensity, longer lifespan, copy number less, substrates and ink water resistance and light fastness good, has a long shelf life. Wide used. General print will be restricted by large-format printer and paper, thus making huge advertising and commercial POP star, sharp photo by ordinary printing complete hard. Past some needs painting artists or artisans, done by hand. With the emergence of large-format inkjet technology, fundamentally change the situation, not only can the successful completion of this kind of special printing, even more large-format printing, also can through the print areas, joining together the way smoothly. From that point, large format prints can realize infinite large-format printing. Environmentally friendly. As the country green printing policy guidance to promote and strengthen environmental protection consciousness, the whole society in the face of environmental friendly ink jet technology is becoming more and more win the favor of the consumers and customers. At the same time, with the mature of inkjet technology, technology innovation, new materials, developed unceasingly, makes the inkjet printer in the function such as speed, black and white color balance level can meet the actual work needs of printing enterprise constantly, and make consumers enjoy the cartridge more energy conservation and environmental protection than drum unit, ink jet printer paper better applicability, low energy consumption, no harmful dust emissions and other tangible benefits. Wide application market. As a large-format inkjet familiar for people, to expand its application field. Such as degree and high speed requirements of CAD ( Computer aided design) And GIS ( Geographic information system) Areas of car body advertising, shelters, subway advertising, elevator ads, unipod, three ads, wall, roof, neon lights, LED display, such as new type of outdoor media, the huge photo studio, including traditional printing, also widely used color proofing in the form of large-format inkjet even can provide a large-format inkjet film for screen printing user plate-making service, this way of plate making digital proofing, dim room, direct plate making, color print out at an organic whole, simple operation, high efficiency, no pollution, low input, high return, etc. Material of diversification. Mainly include advertisement cloth, glossy paper, PP gum, synthetic fabric and high fineness of silk, etc. These substrates have the apparent quality and the use of high strength, durable lasting performance advantages, suitable for outdoor use or long-term indoor storage. Such as making light boxes, can choose general advertising cloth; Photos or lamp, such as general use glossy paper, PP back glue and synthetic fabric; Such as calendars, photo albums or personalized photo, indoor decoration, can choose high fineness of silk cloth, etc. The Internet
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