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Seed UV inkjet printer effectively controls the true and false of the industry

by:Arojet     2021-07-24
Provide a complete set of professional solutions for seed packaging identification and coding. The inkjet printer launched for packaging can print high-definition, high-recognition QR codes on various seed packaging bags, which perfectly solves the problem of coding on products for customers. This problem. Achieve one code and one object to achieve product anti-counterfeiting traceability, and effectively strengthen product safety. The seed UV inkjet printer is fully launched. The equipment can reach 600DPI accuracy in physical accuracy, can print fine content, the minimum character is 3mm, and the maximum is unlimited, which fully reflects the minimal, excellence, and clear and stable effect. Seed UV inkjet printers can be well applied in this industry. First, the inkjet printer has a communication protocol, that is, it can be connected to a computer and controlled by MagicData variable data editing software, and the random and unfixed data content of the inkjet printing can be transmitted through the software. Pass to the seed two-dimensional code product traceability system. After the sensor of the inkjet printer receives the information, the inkjet unit will work to cycle; the inkjet printer is non-contacting product surface for spraying, and the ink of the inkjet printer is quick-drying Yes, it dries after spraying, so it greatly improves the production efficiency of product identification and increases production capacity. The cost-effective seed UV inkjet printer adopts environmentally friendly UV ink, which is suitable for a wide range of materials and variable content. The content is cured by UV strong light. The printed content is firmly attached, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and alcohol-resistant, and the printing cost is low. High efficiency, suitable for large-scale industrial production. It is an ideal equipment solution for perfect marking to prevent repeated codes and wrong codes before printing.
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