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Seconds speed inkjet printing consumer-goods road where _ printing, the printing industry

by:Arojet     2021-04-28
PageWide printing technology is to use similar to laser printing technology of page size print mode, so this technology is using inkjet technology but it also print speed, the industry referred to as desciption of printing products. Although the output speed, PageWide printing products also has its own problems. Expensive purchase, the product price of nearly ten thousand yuan is not ordinary ink-jet printing, users can buy the personal consumption level such desciption of ink-jet printing products must be local tyrants. Niche consumer groups are not printed products the right way, for printing products, a high sales to have lower manufacturing costs and higher material returns, where does that leave desciption of ink-jet printing products? Actually on the market is not only a so embarrassed PageWide printing technology, such as lenovo and Memjet RJ600N light ink printing products, market sales are not encouraging. Bin type of ink to print the product sales volume is high, but the original CD sales hit compatible consumables. Suffer not sales, the product is manufacturer's profit is no guarantee that, this product will soon say goodbye to the market. These products only to find a new sales, application and the interests between and among profit pattern, can only say goodbye to this awkward situation at present, and even create a new generation of office artifact. OfficeJetEnterpriseMFPX585 and OfficeJetEnterpriseX555, memory better readers may remember, before the generation of product is not in the name of the Enterprise, compared to the products, we are say his first PageWide printing technology, why the former generation product is not Enterprise inkjet digital composite machine products, while a new generation of products enterprises in the name of crown? This is about to discuss to the difference between the ink-jet printing technology and laser printing technology. The inkjet printer in the print head piezoelectric inkjet technology and way of working can be divided into two types of thermal ink jet technology. According to the material properties of inkjet and the material can be divided into water, ink and other types of solid and liquid ink printer. And laser printer is driven by laser, acousto-optic modulator, high-frequency, scanner, synchronizer and optical deflector, its effect is sent interface circuit binary bitmap information modulation on the laser beam, after scanning to the photoreceptor. Electrophotographic photoreceptor and photographic institutions transfer system, the shot on the photosensitive drum graphic image transfer to the printing paper, its principle is the same as the copier. 太平洋电脑网
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