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Russia's strong _ Russia printer printer market

by:Arojet     2021-04-26
Learn from foreign media that the Russian printer market momentum, the compound annual growth rate will reach 11. 8%, mainly thanks to economic growth and expansion. The printer market, including ink jet, laser, and 3 d printers, as well as the end user groups. The report gives a detailed analysis on the Russian market, and try to predict the development trend of the next few years. 3 d printer is becoming more and more attention. Although Russia's 3 d printing industry is still in its infancy, but four to five years in the future, there will be quite strong growth. In the Russian market leading a Canon, HP, and samsung. As can be seen from the report, the popular printers are personalized printer. As a result, major printer manufacturers are busy to develop new products, to meet the different needs of different users. In their view, the almost stagnant market, this is active demand of the weapon. Chinese ink jet net
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