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rr donnelley introduces first 60\" wide high speed ink jet digital press

by:Arojet     2019-11-09
In Chicago in October, breakthrough technology for faster and wider digital printing machines will set new standards for digital book production. Unparalleled production flexibility improves the installation base of 1,000 digital printing equipment. 3, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)--R. R.
Donnelly & Sons (Nasdaq:RRD)
Announced today that it has developed the industry\'s first 60 \"wide-speed inkjet digital printing machine.
The new 60 \"printing press, expected to be deployed in the first half of 2011, will enhance the company\'s proprietary fleet of protein aircraft™Digital printing unit.
The combination of width and speed makes these new presses faster and wider than any commercially available alternative.
RR Donnelley\'s global platform has a wide range of proprietary and commercial technologies.
The company\'s digital media platform will include nearly 20 protein printing machines by the end of the year, and the company expects to deploy a new protein printing machine on average every month by the beginning of 2012.
In a recently expanded production facility alone, five protein presses will be used to produce trade and education books.
The company has integrated one-and multiple-
Color digital printing machine with delivery system, able-
Including books, direct mail, catalogues, marketing communications, magazines and other products.
\"No other supplier offers the flexibility offered by our leading digital printing resources,\" said Thomas J . \"
Chief executive of RR Donnelley, Quinlan III
\"This expansion of our ProteusJet fleet represents the next leap in digital book production, as these new presses can produce twoup images. Put in-
These RR Donnelley innovations will continue to align with automatic bookbinding, allowing publishers to re-invent the supply chain for trade and other books.
\"The printing press was designed and manufactured in RR Donnelley\'s recently expanded R & D department, which played an important role in a series of digital printing breakthroughs.
Like the company\'s other ProteusJet presses, this new device will run 1200 dpi in a color mode at a resolution of 800 feet per minute.
Ed Lane, president of RR Donnelley book and catalog products, commented, \"We are helping to change the dynamics online
Communication of requirements and changes.
ProteusJet has worked in a variety of books, trade pitch notes and direct mail applications.
This new product is the widest and fastest inkjet printer in the world.
This will further enable publishers to reduce expensive inventory, revive the list, and respond faster to rapidly changing consumer needs.
About Donnelley (RR DonnelleyRR Donnelley)Nasdaq:RRD)
Is a global provider of integrated communications.
Founded more than 146 years ago, the company worked with more than 60,000 customers worldwide to develop customized communication solutions that reduce costs, increase ROI and ensure compliance.
Using a range of proprietary and commercially available digital and traditional technologies deployed on four continents, adopting a set of leading Internet-based capabilities and other resources to provide pre-media, print, logistics and business processes to outsource products and services to leading customers in almost every private and public sector.
For more information, and corporate social responsibility reports for RR Donnelley, please visit the company\'s website www. rrdonnelley. com. Use of Forward-
This press release may contain a \"forward-looking statement\"
\"Look at the report\" defined in the United States\"S.
Private equity Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
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RR Donnelley denies any obligation to update or modify any forwarding-
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