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Rice bag inkjet printer that brings benefits to the packaging industry

by:Arojet     2021-08-02
Rice is an indispensable staple food in our daily life. In supermarkets, you will see rice packaging products of various sizes and specifications. Choose rice products of different specifications according to your needs. Rice packaging bags are generally made of plastic woven bags made of plastic film, and composite packaging bags made of composite materials have the characteristics of good moisture-proof, mildew-proof and insect-proof effects. In addition, relevant content should be marked on the bag, such as QR code, Barcodes, patterns, texts, etc., must be escorted with the help of Arnoldjet's rice bag inkjet printer. The rice bag inkjet printer supplied by Arnoldjet adopts industrial piezoelectric nozzles and environmentally friendly UV inks. The printing speed is up to 45 meters per minute. The coding effect is great. It can quickly and automatically print barcodes, QR codes, databases, Date, time, batch number, shift and serial number, etc., C3UV ink jet printer has the characteristics of stable ink path, convenient installation, and side printing. It can realize online and offline operations according to the industry and product type, not only for rice bag printing. The main equipment, and it is an ideal mechanical coding equipment for outer packaging bags or cartons of a variety of materials. The innovative rice bag inkjet printer is safe and stable to use, has low failure rate, convenient operation and maintenance, and easy-to-master software interface. The equipment adopts the principle of negative pressure ink supply system, which not only guarantees stable work, but also saves ink consumption. At present, the popularity of coding still relies on the inkjet printers that lead the industry trend from technology, core accessories, and exquisite production technology to complete the mystery. Therefore, the inkjet printer is the most important equipment in the customer's position.
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