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RFID label printing continues to upgrade with the new retail market demand


As soon as the new retail concept emerges, the unmanned super high/convenience store ushers in a wave of innovation. Driven by capital, major convenience stores have accelerated the frequency of opening stores, accelerated expansion and rapid development, and “new retail convenience stores” have sprung up. With the rapid development of "new retail", the application of RFID tags has become more and more extensive. As an important part of unmanned technology, RFID tags are also a trend in the future. It is important to understand that RFID tags are an essential technology for new retail. RFID tags are not designed to meet the gimmicks of the new retail “unmanned supermarkets”, but to provide consumers with a better shopping experience. At the same time, the field of RFID label printing has also been expanded.

As a tag with its own data, RFID is an entry-level tool in new retail exploration. Today, not only convenience stores, but many clothing stores have also introduced the concept of “new retail”. In 2018, ZARA launched smart dressing mirrors, self-checkout and online shopping order self-service pick-up services. The interactive floor-mounted fitting mirror with RFID (video recognition) system can detect the RFID tag information on the customer's hand-held clothing. Customers see the actual try-on effect and provide matching shopping recommendations. According to data, Zara has gradually introduced this AR augmented reality experience to 120 flagship stores around the world.

With the cost of labor, the pressure of rental costs is increasing, the cost of using technology in the process of technology is continuously decreasing, and the return on investment of Commodity packaging anti-counterfeiting inkjet printer is increasing. The new retail concept has also pioneered the application of RFID tag technology. At the same time, as a data carrier, RFID is an important part of the realization of digitalization of goods in the future, and it will play an increasingly important role in the retailer's super operation. Anojiejet is very optimistic about this prospect. RFID tags are printed at the moment of the Internet of Everything. RFID technology applications are widely used in logistics management, medical field, monitoring and tracking management of goods and dangerous goods, civil air baggage and Uninterrupted charges for roads and bridges. It is foreseeable that the application of RFID will breed a huge market, a new economic growth point, and its potential and prospects will be very attractive. The unique advantages of RFID technology will become a huge industry in the world, which deserves attention from all sides.

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