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Commodity packaging anti-counterfeiting inkjet printer + UV curing lamp fully open the new era of packaging


There are two ways to protect the anti-counterfeiting packaging. One is to directly attach the label to the packaging, and the other is to integrate with the packaging. That is, the anti-counterfeiting packaging is integrated, and the anti-counterfeiting technology is various, preventing the purpose of deception, without the owner. The measures for copying or copying are permitted, and the commodity packaging anti-counterfeiting inkjet printers used for anti-counterfeiting purposes can accurately identify the authenticity and the technology that is not easy to be copied and copied. In addition, economic cost adaptation should be considered. Sexuality, while meeting the requirements of anti-counterfeiting technology, the cost of use should be reduced as much as possible.

In various fields, due to the particularity of products, the harm of counterfeit and shoddy products is self-evident, and consumers have never relaxed their defense against counterfeiting. At present, it is an anti-counterfeiting measure to directly attach the anti-counterfeit label to the product, and the variable two-dimensional code is printed directly on the surface of the non-contact product by the commodity packaging anti-counterfeiting inkjet printer,with a small QR code, you can store a huge amount of information and do marketing. The information storage capacity of QR code is widely used in various fields of industry. Nowadays, the advancement of inkjet printer technology has already surpassed its identification function. Various high-tech package content inkjet printers are used to spray various information on the surface of packaging, including barcodes and product identification. Production date, pattern, etc.

The product packaging anti-counterfeiting inkjet printer is given to the product code synchronization to be equipped with a UV curing lamp for ultraviolet light irradiation to achieve anti-color and scratch resistance. The UV curing of the printer directly affects the quality. The three elements of the curing lamp are: the light emitted by the light source such as the LED lamp is consistent with the spectrum absorbed by the UV ink curing; the LED light generates sufficient light to enable the cured product. The photochemical reaction occurs, because the performance and dosage of the sensitizer in different cured materials are different, the light transmittance and the sensation of the main agent and the dosage agent are different, so the strength of the curing is different; the speed: the illumination time, the faster the speed, the irradiation The shorter the strength, the higher the strength required.

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