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RFID and digital ink jet printing: the engine of China's label industry _RFID_ local news

by:Arojet     2021-05-07
One, the 2009 Chinese RFID market will grow steadily

2008 RFID market size of 72. 100 million yuan, the annual growth rate reached 59. 2%. Large-scale application of RFID in 2008 had some encouraging progress, typical examples such as the application of Olympic tickets, tickets for this application to drive up the whole electronic an application of the hot spots, at the same time will promote RFID more applications gradually accept this emerging.

the RFID industry gets rapid development must not be a lack of government to promote: 2008 represented by the Beijing subway AFC system was put into operation; The application of Olympic ticketing system; Represented by shandong opening of the unity of the five guarantees supporting social security card and practical; And the Beijing and tianjin co-branded card project startup; Bank of EMV migration work; The second generation id card renewal speed up; Student project brewing, etc. At the same time, the original application fields such as telecommunications, school, public transportation, social security and health care and other hairpin quantity is growing.

the national Ministry of Science and Technology in 2008 published a white paper about the development of RFID, planning the development step, the leading and support of the government is the important factor to the development of the RFID technology in China, this trend will continue in 2009, as the world expo and the opening of the universiade and domestic retail, aerial railway and application domain gradually adopt the RFID technology, RFID is an upward development opportunity in China, become the mainstream of China's label industry future development and one of the important factors to promote the development of China's label industry.

2, digital inkjet printing

drew the print exhibition held in Germany in 2008 called the inkjet, drew, because the exhibition on display at a lot of ink jet printer. Inkjet printing become hotspot technology this year, is also recognized the development prospects of the technology of the industry. Ink jet printing is a supplement to the traditional printing, no longer expected to become the offset, gravure, flexo printing, silk screen printing after a mainstream way of printing, in addition, inkjet printing will also be in the future in industry application.

digital printing has a shorter delivery time, better flexibility, better cost-effectiveness, is a supplement of traditional printing way. With the function of variable data printing labels and packaging solution embodied the label and the trend of the development of packaging industry, meet the needs of production and packaging changes, as well as to the label and packaging industry application has brought the enormous and far-reaching influence.

the outstanding changes the current label market forms can be summarized as small batch, short cycle, individuation, more and more as the label product variety, but smaller print runs, the updating cycle of printing is also accompanied by more and more short, at the same time, more and more personalized requirements. Label on the market at present digital printing machine for electrostatic imaging technology, laser equipment price is on the high side, high operation cost, speed is not high, low productivity, printing materials co. , LTD. , on-line work hard, can say, inkjet technology development provides new solutions for label printing.

if digital printing can maintain the development momentum of last year in 2009, but it would have created quite a stir in the printing industry. We hope to see more in the New Year's technological progress, more competitive market and more use digital technology to replace the traditional printing presses.

in fact, the digital printing has in 2008 launched a challenge like offset lithography, HP claims that by 2010, the world will print 53 trillion pages, there are 10% of the pages will use digital printing.

since 2005, digital print has been maintained a growth of 2% a year, prompting printing equipment suppliers have launched their own large capacity inkjet printers, for example, fujifilm, kodak, HP and so on.

in 2009 is worth looking forward to the product's HP InkjetWebPress, it can be to increase the printing speed to 122 m/min.

the device will be Beta testing in the coming months, as to whether it can change the present situation of the digital books and periodicals printing market, we will wait and see.

fujifilm will also launch B2JetPress720 printer, the product of the high speed can reach 2700 hours, but may have to wait until 2010 to officially launched.

in addition, the printing enterprise will be around the personalization and variable data software to create more varied assortment of digital print. In 2008, we see there are a lot of printing enterprise were introduced value-added services and short version printing services, through them, we can see the bright future of personalized printing.

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