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Retrospective Package Packaging Printing Machine Is Important


     Product anti-counterfeiting traceability only needs to trace the traceability system to the printing equipment, which can realize one thing and one yard on the product packaging. Retrospective packaging printing machine are the preferred identification anti-counterfeiting equipment for the food industry, pharmaceuticals, electrical appliances and other industries. Simple anti-smuggling products can be linked to the first-level dealers through the supply chain, and consumers scan the code to understand the product and get feedback. 

     The anti-counterfeiting traceability of products is to cooperate with government agencies and enterprises to collect and record the information of food production, circulation and consumption, to achieve the source of all products for sale, to trace, to investigate, to strengthen the whole process of quality and safety management and risk control. Effective measures.

      The label that is popular today on a product or package is first a variable QR code, followed by a barcode, again a production date, a batch number, and then a pattern. To achieve these variable content, a traceable packaging press is required. 

      A high-tech mechanical product uses environmentally-friendly, non-toxic UV inks to impart packaging, to achieve scratch-resistant, alcohol-resistant, non-fading packaging equipment. Retrospective packaging printing machine use non-contact printing technology to directly display online variable printing QR codes to demonstrate a strong advantage. Color digital printing system is the only equipment and method for future product traceability, especially for single products. Sexual tagging barcodes or QR codes are especially important.

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