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Report the top enterprise change small _ the ink manufacturers in the Chinese inkjet, printing ink

by:Arojet     2021-05-01
Takeaway: 2015 report come again, the printing ink manufacturers in the world has 24 enterprises this year's list, but the top overall enterprise changes is very small. If have change, may be for printing ink manufacturers, this year big variables mainly currency fluctuations. You can measure: in early 2014, it is 1 for 1 euro. $38, a yen exchanged for 0. 00952 dollars. By early 2015, one euro can only change to 1. $21 ( In the 2015 years, fell to 1. At the beginning of $12, compared with 2014, or 19%) ; At the same time, the yen fell to zero. 00836 dollars ( In the middle of 2015 dropped to zero. At the beginning of $00817, compared with 2014, or 14%) 。 This seriously affected the purchasing power of the raw materials of the enterprise, if the ink manufacturers cannot be passed on to the printing enterprise, the impact of these it will seriously affect the ink manufacturing industry profit margins. Printing ink industry faces many challenges in recent years, is now in the global printing ink manufacturers report shows, in the company is trying to improve their sales. Whether by developing new products for the new printing area, in emerging markets to increase new business, or launch new products, ink manufacturers are trying to create new growth opportunities. These changes will be the key to success in the next few years. Continuous change development of printing industry has always been 2015 ink enterprise the focus of attention. Last year, in general, packaging, ink and uv printing some of the world have continued to increase, and traditional publishing and malaise in the field of commercial printing is achieved in the history of serious degree. In the global market continues to shift for 2014. Asia Pacific, Latin America and eastern Europe markets are expanding, and North America and Europe have mature market completely. Raw materials, in recent years, although a significant supply and cost issues, but most remained stable. Chinese ink jet
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