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Remind everyone that the printer consumables must be purchased from the original manufacturer_Identification Consumables

by:Arojet     2021-07-24
Some inkjet printers on the market often suffer from clogged nozzles and unclear printing. After investigation, most of them are caused by customers not using original consumables normally. So if you don't use the original manufacturer's inkjet printer consumables, the ink circuit system will be seriously polluted first. If the nozzle and recovery pipe are severely blocked, it will cause frequent shutdown and cleaning of the switch. Because the ink viscosity cannot be controlled, the ink droplets are split. Once the ink droplets are split, there will be defects, uneven ink dots, unclear marks, and deviations in font shapes. Users who do not use the original manufacturer's inkjet printer consumables will increase the number of printer failures and cause abnormal shutdowns, which will shorten the life of the printer and reduce production efficiency. Because of the low price, its chemical composition is unknown. The harmful components in poor-quality ink will cause some harm to the human body, and more serious will be corrosive to the product, which will pose a threat to the company's brand image. Reminder: If the machine fails due to the purchase of non-original consumables (ink, solvent, cleaning agent), it will not be included in the scope of free maintenance. The premise of using genuine inkjet printer consumables can be distinguished. Its color is pure, the content of ingredients meets national standards, low pollution, fast drying, does not affect production efficiency, strong anti-counterfeiting, scratch resistance, and long-term guarantee for users to ensure the clear and beautiful markings , To facilitate the continuity of information, so in order to prevent the printer from malfunctioning, everyone still buys the original manufacturer's consumables.
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