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Regulatory code inkjet printer application in the food and drug industry

by:Arojet     2021-07-29
Food and drug safety is an issue of people's livelihood and is closely related to the people's quality of life. The relevant regulatory authorities are also doing everything possible to do a good job in food and drug supervision. The drug supervision is currently considered to be effectively supervised. In recent years, the relevant regulatory authorities have vigorously implemented the drug electronic supervision code, and all drug packaging must be printed with the drug electronic supervision code. The drug electronic supervision code management system is aimed at the state supervision of drugs in the production and circulation process, realizes the traceability and management of the supervision departments and production enterprises, and protects the legitimate rights and interests of drug manufacturers and consumers. Food safety is also a matter of great concern to the public, but the electronic food supervision code is not used as mandatory as the electronic drug supervision code. In this way, the relevant regulatory authorities can only do their best to cover supervision and inspection to effectively ensure food safety. In the implementation of electronic supervision codes, the inkjet printer is definitely a reliable assistant! Especially the national compulsory implementation of electronic supervision codes for medicines. In recent years, with the implementation of electronic supervision codes, various types of electronic supervision code inkjet printers have been launched in the market, such as electronic supervision code inkjet printers for pharmaceuticals, food supervision code inkjet printers, and pharmaceutical electronics Supervise code printers and other machines. In the production of pharmaceutical packaging, the inkjet printer can print the electronic supervision code on the pharmaceutical packaging production line, or it can print the supervision code on the outer packaging of the medicine before the packaged product leaves the factory. Efficient and convenient is the biggest advantage of inkjet printers for printing electronic supervision codes!
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