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Regarding the price of UV inkjet printers, we can see from these aspects

by:Arojet     2021-08-01
Before a company wants to buy machines and equipment, it is very important to compare prices. In other words, whether the price of the UV inkjet printer can meet the company's budget can directly affect whether it can be traded in the future. success. Today, Guangzhou Jiangwei inkjet printer manufacturers come to talk with you about the price of UV inkjet printers. u200bThe market price of UV inkjet printers is complicated and the price range is too large. It is easy to cause confusion when companies choose. Some prices are only 5-8 thousand yuan, and some prices can reach tens of thousands of yuan. For a time, companies don't know how to buy it is good. In fact, from the analysis of the product material, you can find out the UV inkjet printer that meets your own coding conditions more quickly. In addition, you can also filter out some types of printers based on the scanning speed of the product and the requirement of the scanning code rate. The last one is the issue of environmental protection or the cost of consumables. The UV inkjet printer uses environmentally friendly UV inks (RICOH nozzles). Only the ink has no solvent, which is environmentally friendly and saves costs. Therefore, how much is a UV inkjet printer, it is a very general question. For companies, the purchase price of early equipment is very important, but later expenditures must also be carefully considered. After purchasing the inkjet printer, good inkjet printer consumables and high-quality service can make a very outstanding contribution to our stable production, while the lack of high-quality inkjet printer consumables and poor service will make our production work Encountered many bottlenecks.
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