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Recommended coding equipment suitable for the self-adhesive industry

by:Arojet     2021-07-23
The application of marking technology is gradually reaching every corner, especially in industrial applications. Under the broad market application prospects, printer service vendors have begun to spring up like mushrooms. The application industry of self-adhesive is very wide, and the demand is very large. Self-adhesive printing has gradually evolved into an independent printing field, and more and more companies are engaged in self-adhesive label printing. After the self-adhesive label is printed, part of the information needs to be marked later or part of the information (variable information) cannot be printed. At this time, the use of inkjet printers for inkjet marking is more appropriate. Here I recommend the use of high-resolution inkjet printers, also known as high-precision inkjet printers, because of the use of dropondemand technology (dropondemand), also known as DOD inkjet printers. Suitable for industries such as metal, plastic, carton, wood, aluminum foil, paper, and film. High-resolution inkjet printers are mainly used for barcode inkjet printing, one-dimensional, two-dimensional barcodes, variable barcodes, and variable data inkjet printing. The self-adhesive inkjet printer is very convenient for later identification and variable information identification. The coding information can be LOGO, batch number, variable date and time, variable barcode, variable data and database. The self-adhesive label inkjet printer is fast, the inkjet position is prepared, and the effect is good. In order to improve efficiency, a multi-nozzle self-adhesive inkjet printer can be used in conjunction with a large sheet feeding platform or a rewinder, which has considerable efficiency and saves production costs.
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