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RCS cost 1. 2 million pounds to the introduction of the world's first B2 inkjet printer _ B2 inkjet printer

by:Arojet     2021-05-02
British commercial printing enterprise RCS has introduced the world's first 1. 2 million pound table B2 top wire screen picture JetSX sheet-fed ink-jet printer. The company said its always remain at the forefront of new technology strategy part of it. RCS general manager Michael Todd said, the company now has enough short version of the business, can be transferred from the traditional offset press to digital printing presses, so that the digital printing machine has enough volume, at the same time, the introduction of digital printing machine can also bring new business opportunities. He laid special stress on the output resolution of 1440 dpi digital printer can print on the material thickness for 600 mil, therefore, enterprises can use it to produce high quality requirements, personalized packaging products, such as wine box, candy packing, etc. JetSX used offset printing equipment to use the vacuum adsorption transfer system, can print 1620 copies per hour 810 double-sided single-sided printing or print, its inkjet printing new drops to 2 liters. RCS has been keen to introduce new technologies, new products. In 2010, the company installed the British Scodix1200 digital indentation machine, nine months later introduced the second sets of such equipment. Earlier this year, the RCS bought British Presstek75DIB2 direct imaging printing machine. Automobil printing net
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