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Product traceability two-dimensional code jet printer helps data information transparency


As the Chinese government attaches great importance to product quality and safety and the people's awareness of product safety and consumption continues to improve, the traceability system of product quality and safety will gradually extend to food, medicine, daily chemicals, building materials, electronics, industrial products, raw materials, semi-finished products, accessories and other product manufacturing industries, which will be manufactured and sold in the Internet of Things system. Business is a good opportunity for development. Arojet provides product traceability two-dimensional code jet printer, intelligent production system and logistics automation system, which greatly improves the efficiency of factory production and logistics traceability, while greatly reducing the labor, both intelligent production system and logistics automation system need "standard" and "knowledge".

For example, the significant change of label in the market has a significant impact on the global supply chain. The company realizing this will be in the forefront of the industry competition. It needs innovation to meet the changing customer needs. With the increase of customer and regulatory requirements, the products that can give packaging labels can be traced back to the two-dimensional code-jet machine business. To keep up with the pace, the code-jet companies were forced to create a record number of signature changes and add more content to the label. In order to meet the growing demand of traceback QR code coding equipment, today's label must be flexible and data-driven to support the changing demand. The key to development is to enable enterprise users to change the label by simple mechanism, and to integrate with enterprise applications for automatic label production.

Product traceability system is the most effective solution for brand protection, anti-counterfeiting and counterfeiting. Once the product has problems, through product traceability system, we can accurately find out which link has channeled goods, the responsible people are clear, and can quickly and accurately trace back, recall and deal with the problem products. Back to each link, the whole process of logistics tracking, anti-channeling goods. The product traceability two-dimensional code jet printer gives the product two-dimensional code, the product must be scanned in and out of the warehouse, a series of process data is clear at a glance. It can directly check the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting inquiry on the package of Wechat scanner products. It can also trace a series of details of the products, including details of the whole process of production, packaging, warehousing and dealers. Such transparent information is more conducive to enhancing the trust of consumers and letting users 100% trust that your products are genuine and authentic. Product.

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