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Problems encountered by printer manufacturers

by:Arojet     2021-07-26

After years of development, inkjet printers have become more mature and widely used in many industries, creating high value for many companies. The overall solution of coding has been done more and more, getting better and better! However, at the same time of development, printer manufacturers and even the entire printer industry do have some problems: 1. Due to the relatively poor environment in the workshop of some printers, the failure rate of these printers will be higher than that of others. The equipment needs to be high and requires frequent maintenance by workers. 2. The operation of the inkjet printer is more complicated than other industrial equipment. The operation panel of some inkjet printers is complicated and inconvenient to maintain. Sometimes, it is necessary to hire a professional to repair it. Third, the inkjet printer will cost more in the future, and the inkjet printer consumables and accessories will cost more, and the cost of the relatively large-scale production enterprise is not low. Fourth, some inkjet printers cannot perfectly match the production lines of some workshops, resulting in low production efficiency. 5. The inkjet printer solvent is sometimes used in the coding process. The solvent is a volatile substance, which causes waste and affects the air in the factory area, and also has a certain impact on the health of employees. When inkjet printer manufacturers customize all-day solutions for users, they must fully consider these factors and try to minimize the cost. Of course, the later service is more important, so when users buy, service and quality must be placed on The first consideration is the condition.

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