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Prints, as another branch of inkjet printing, has been more and more get the attention of the industry. According to IDC China large format printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-07
Machine market tracking report ( 2010) Display, 2010 the year China large-format printers CAD market overall shipments for 20730, year-on-year growth of 32 in 2009. 6%, and the image in painting and printing market, under the drive of year-on-year growth reached 18. 2010-6%, expected In 2015 the overall large-format market compound annual growth rate will reach 5. 4%, is expected in 2015 sales revenue of large-format printers will reach 2. 9. 2 billion dollars. Since the print machine to enter the Chinese market, the development of present a blowout. By 1998 times in the production of domestic brand print machine in China, make up the blank of China print machine. Although generation must print machine have a certain gap compared with foreign spraying machine, but the price is cheap, colorful, fully functional won a big market for it. Development up to now, China print machine enterprise has gradually developed, forming print machine of domestic brands. Prints can be divided into two fields, the indoor inkjet print outside. The difference between the two is that the size and the dimension of a print prints. Generally speaking, the painting is divided into dot prints and mist spraying. Dot prints suitable for large print, outdoor spray painting machine are commonly so dot printing equipment, such as the United States, Israel and the angels, are the dot print. But this way, the poor to close the print, the effect of the print. The mist inkjet way although the relatively small print wide ( Relative to the outdoor) , but make clear outline pictures, especially in the production line, text is obvious. Witt use principle of fog. Both outdoor and indoor, as people are increasingly demanding to print, print machine itself the spray width, speed and print quality more and more get the attention of people. In recent years, along with the print the pouring in of the enterprise, print market becomes increasingly fierce, the price war has made prints prospects are increasingly uncertain, inkjet market in China has to change going. Chinese painting machine manufacturers face difficulties large-format has become the industry status quo. Large-format was painting a big important propaganda. Before painting manufacturer in the propaganda painting machine, large format is spraying equipment big stunt, is also a concern of the buyer. Advertising, photography, decorative need large-format prints, so to meet demand, so large prints in a short time under the attention of people. But until today in development of prints, in improving the dimension of a print is quite difficult. Want to is a level of inkjet wide again, have to spend quite high research experience, so in improving level is not very good sales of spray painting machine itself. In the dimension of a given the current advertising and photography, the dimension of a current already meet the demand of the market, in addition to the existence of some special, today's wide size has meet the needs of the society. Though, China's production of spray painting machine width size has meet the demand of the market, but there is one important reason it restricts the development of China's print, print speed. Even though, China's prints wide spraying machine has to catch up with the foreign brand, but the print speed in spray painting machine has gradually become the restricting our big full print machine. Compared with the foreign painting equipment, production of print machine in our country, the speed is relatively slow. The main reason is that print machine of some important parts; ; Production technology of ink jet head not in the hands of Chinese manufacturers. Led to the national print equipment brand in the market value chain downstream. General speed of spraying machine are more ink composition, so as to realize fast printing. However, due to the Chinese manufacturers have no production of inkjet head technology, so to make a quick inkjet equipment need to import a large number of ink-jet printer, the higher costs caused by price advantage deprive China print machine itself. Universal strength is not strong, national painting equipment manufacturing enterprises are lack of national support this creates enterprise research and development ability is not strong, the production of spray equipment technical level distance has a great gap between foreign brands. In addition to speed, print machine to print quality in our country also restricts the development of itself. Often encountered when spraying outdoor advertising samples with the printing quality problems. Many well-known enterprises will choose large print company production of advertising signs, light box advertising, etc. , and the same pattern will be printed on the product brochure, so how to ensure that the advertisement sign image color printing brochures with YinChang consistent color for print company is eager to solve the problem. According to introducing, often have the customer take the sample to make the advertising sign, even have a customer with a proofing a sample of certification. Print company faces is how to make the painting color and printing color consistency, it is a new problem. Print industry limelight orthometric height over the years, many enterprises are involved, but how can you stand out in many enterprises? How long could it take before I got far from constant orders? How to cooperate with big brands? Worthy of print enterprise seriously thinking. Strict with print quality, to improve color reducibility requirements has become a trend.
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