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Printer inkjet companies adjust strategy want to promote sales growth

by:Arojet     2021-04-30
Under the stimulus of the Internet, the traditional printing market into the downturn. According to test data show that in the first half of 2013, the Chinese mainland inkjet printers and multi-function equipment retail volume fell 3% year on year, compared with 2012, the decline was significantly reduced. In the face of such situation, ink manufacturers also actively adjust strategy to adapt to market changes, promote sales growth. Since 2012, the domestic economic slowdown, the economic environment of weak consumer demand suppresses the users purchase and replacement demand for printers, led to the 2012 inkjet sales shrunk dramatically. In the first half of 2013, with the smooth development of macroeconomic, inkjet printer drop speed of the slowdown in the market. At the same time, online channels also present a completely different development trend. With the rapid development of electronic commerce and the rapid change in the consumer spending habits, platform type electric business represented by means of online retail channels on price and service means growth significantly, the offline retail market, especially a second-tier cities of retail market impact. A second-tier cities, according to survey data of GfK offline retail stores sales decline along with the development of the online channel, and the number of stores present obvious atrophy. In Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, nanjing, represented by large and medium-sized cities, such as printers, retail stores than by an average 30% in 2011. Under the background of such a market, ink manufacturers also actively adjust strategy to adapt to market changes. Products, promote the low printing costs, such as high-speed black and white ink-jet business jet aircraft, low-level laser market; Function, add a wireless connection, cloud print and connection mode, such as direct printing, so as to adapt to the mobile user a new printing needs; Channels through products, underwriting, online aggressively seek the cooperation with the depth of the electricity, the rich market strategy as well as to promote sales growth. China packaging printing machinery network
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